What should I use?

Last Friday I was exchanging quips over some drinks with some coworkers when Luismi Ramírez, one of them, asked:

What tools/language would you use for a project? What if you have just one week to complete it?

In my opinion, you should use whatever tools you already know and are comfortable when in such a rush even if those are not the best choices. He totally agreed with me and then lamented that so many people is obsessed about going to the next framework or language endlessly.

However, there is a good reason for spending time in deliberate practice and studying principles, techniques and tools: the amazing power of the compound interest. If you are able to incrementally self-taught stuff making you 0.1% more productive every day in just a year you will produce a 44% more.

The longer your time horizon, the most important to invest more and early.